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The Ray Harryhausen Awards 2023

Submissions for the Ray Harryhausen Awards 2023 are now open- check out our submissions page to enter, or email for further details.​

We will be accepting entries from the following categories:

⭐️Best Feature Film Animation⭐️
⭐️Best Short Film Animation⭐️
⭐️Best Student Film Animation⭐️
⭐️Best Children's Film Animation (free entry)⭐️
⭐️Harryhausen Hall of Fame Award⭐️

Films can be entered from January 9th until April 30th 2023- we look forward to seeing your submissions throughout the first months of the new year! 

Spread the word and join in the conversation on our social media channels:


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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Harryhausen Award Winners 2022

We are delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural Ray Harryhausen Awards!


Find out which entries were sucessful in each category in the premiere of our awards announcement video. Thank you to everybody who entered The Ray Harryhausen Awards 2022, and congratulations again to our winners!


To find out more about the awards, and keep up to date with entry information for 2023, check out our official website and social media channels

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